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Blow Jobs Gone Wild 3

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Running Time:   92 minutes
Released:   11/2005
Studio Name:   Rockman Entertainment 
Series:   Blow Jobs Gone Wild 
Director:   Brett Rockman 
Categories: Blowjob   Cumshot   Big Dick   Gonzo  
Description:   Cock-craving cuties go all out sucking large cocks. Features a special triple blowjob scene that you must see!
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Reviewer: Explodingvulva Date: 2/22/2006
Source: Aebn

STARRING: Brett Rockman, Amber Wild, Mone Devine and Marissa Jayden

CREDITS: Produced and Directed by Brett Rockman

MEMORABLE LINE:” Get that big fucking cock down my throat!” from a demanding Miss Meadows

SCENE 1: “Three For The Bone“ (Brett Rockman, Amber Wild, Mone Devine and Marissa Jayden)

“Blow job” movies, in these day and age, need to be more than just showing the act of blowing. It's not enough that a girl can just unzip someone's pants off and pop the woody into her mouth. Producers and porn actresses need to be more creative in making images that would sate today's sophisticated perv. As a challenge to the female performers, they should work harder to exude more heat and sustain it till the end. And as much as hard as it appears, Brett Rockman's fellatio movie tries to live up to that challenge and succeeds, to a certain extent.

We start off with three gorgeous girls working on Brett's cock. As one of the lascivious triumvirate, Amber, is a shorthaired blonde with a plaid top and panty. She looks like a character from a Li'l Abner cartoon strip that had landed into porn. She's already in the heat of things as she works on Brett's cock and administers the dependable “suck and stroke” method. But she has a certain fondness for eating nuts. Her co-star, Mone Devine, is a cute but silent girl with better oralizing prowess. She prefers doing good suction and working it on throughout the shaft. Yummy! Nubian princess Marissa joins in, using Brett's dick as a Slurpee to deep throats him. Maybe the nearest 7-11 is so far away that his dong is acceptable substitute. Brett could only moan in pleasure as the cock hungry trio attacks his cock. The three girls try to outdo each other but Marissa wins as the dirtiest cocksucker. Brett reaches out to finger fuck Mone's lovely pale white pussy while he inserts his other thumb in her mouth. He soon stands up to get his balls cleaned by Amber. Marissa continues her slurpy maneuver on his shaft. Mone, wanting a change of pace, starts eating Amber's wild. In an inspired moment, Brett squats down on Marissa's face while Mone sucks his cock. Marissa then works on Mone's shaved cunt. Later while Marissa is on all fours, the camera moves into her backside to reveal the chocolaty goodness of her pussy and asshole. Unnerved by the attention, Marisa now sucks in full force. Brett then feeds his cock to the three girls one by one. Marissa shows her high gag reflex with protracted gagging. Like a lion tamer with this whip, he clubs his big dong into the three girls' tongues. Three mouths on his dick is a spectacular sight. Then Brett kneels down as the four do an oral daisy chain, licking and munching on pussy and cock. Brett eats Mone's luscious ass and pussy. He then bastes his cum onto their faces, copiously christening them with his cock snot. The girls lick each other's face clean.

SCENE 2: “Double Serving” (Miss Meadow, Brett Rockman, and unaccredited male performer)

Her war against cock begins! Miss Meadow looks like a cute peroxide blonde Punky Brewster! But her appearances can be deceiving! She has a personal vendetta against cock! And to do that, she must suck cock like an ornery cartoon character. Thin and looks slightly whacked, Meadow plays cock like it's a musical instrument. This girl has technique. A professional whore who enjoys being face fucked with lip smacking goodness! She plays the deep throat and blow pop with gusto. Spunky, she demands cock upon cock for a lusty double microphone. She then proceeds to a face fucking, cock choking, tit rubbing, tit-fucking exhibition, your jaws will drop! She is soon rewarded with her abilities with a vacillating club on the face by two large cocks. During the lull period, we get a closer look at her ass: bony but still lovely. Sensing defeat, she goes double time doing double dick duty. Getting herself clubbed and delivering double blow, the last straw is a whole line of big fat cocks getting the Miss Meadow treatment. Later, she's hoisted up and turned upside down, hanging in the air while she sucks another guy's cock and gives another guy a hand job. Soon, cum is finally served straight into her mouth and face. She sucks the cocks then gets her tits clubbed. Her mission is a failure. But she can suck cock another day!

SCENE 3: “Share-A-Cock“ (Brett Rockman, Holly Wellin, Bailey and unaccredited male perfromer)

Holly is a nice hot blond who reminds me of American Pie's Tara Reid. Bailey is a dirty blonde with naturally big boobs that greets you like a welcome wagon whenever you see her. At the start of the scene, the two girls are pawing at each other. Their nice soft tits get the attention they deserve. Though Holly's are smaller, they're like balloons floating in the ether. Bailey's, on the other hand, has already succumbed to the persuasion of gravity. But needless to say, Bailey's awfully cuter. Much to my consternation, the g/g stopped when the two gentlemen arrive and demand service. Without batting a fake eyelash, the two whores kneel down to partake of cock. Holly likes play the human trombone while Bailey's resorts to the usual helmet head sucking. The girls exchange places. But Holly turns out to be a more enthusiastic cocksucker. She gets lost in the situation. Bailey gets a deep throat. The overhead shot of the two girls changing cocks is awesome. Bailey finally attacks the balls then the shaft, but no trombone playing. Her face gets clubbed. On the other end, Holly is busy pumping her mouth into her partner's cock. The two guys sit down the sofa and the two girls hunker down for some more beefy goodness. Side by side, the girls suck their full of man-meat. Nearing the homestretch, Bailey's gets panicky as she starts slurping and stroking and sucking harder. Meanwhile, Holly is completely lost to cock worship on Brett's love muscle. Holly does a double blow, Bailey follows suit. The two girls share Brett's cock, then the other guy's. Bailey gets a mouthful of cock again. Holly resorts to a suck and stroke method to bring the other guy to give up his man milk. He comes and bastes the two whores. Brett finally comes and explodes on the girls' faces. Bailey licks her female co-star clean of man juice. Nice, but tends to stretch a bit.

SCENE 4: “Open Wide“ ( Jasmine Tame, Chris Charming, Brett Rockman, and other unaccredited male performers)

This scene embodies that adage, “Quantity doesn't necessarily mean Quality”. Nineteen year old Jasmine's one adventurous bitch as she decides to suck five dicks in one sitting. He starts with Brett, liberating the devil hiding inside his trousers. Once it makes its appearance, Jasmine works that cock well, but not as hungrily as the other ladies. She goes to the next one. Nothing special there. She gets into it more with Guy #4 with face fucking madness. Guy #5 turns out to be pasty horse stud Chris Charming. As she moves from one cock to the next, she riles up the guys till thrusting hard cocks surrounds her. As much as she tries to make great porn, she tries valiantly to muster enough courage to finish them off. But her wane oralizing isn't really that spectacular and she seems preoccupied with something. Good thing, she performs solid deep throat work. In unison, cocks get clubbed into her face. With her mascara already running, the guys line up to get sucked one at a time. She does a good one-by-one. After getting choked, she gets them into a double microphone in batches. The guys attempt a double blow but couldn't hold it for long. Then in one instant, there's one cock on her mouth and two on her hands. What a great multi-tasker! The clubbing sequence where all guys hit their dongs on her face looks extremely funny. Eventually, the guys get themselves into near climax! She sucks and sucks as long as she can. They make her say “I want your cum” while her mouth is busy with cock. The five cocks finally shoot on her face, glazing her with cum goodness.

Good, but needs something much more.

In the end, director Rockman succeeds in giving the heat, but his models couldn't really sustain it. Better luck next time.

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4 Scenes from Blow Jobs Gone Wild 3

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