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Bonsai Bushwhackers

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Running Time:   208 minutes
Released:   10/2007
Studio Name:   Third World Media  Asian Eyes 
Categories: Asian   Fetish   Cumshot   Hairy   Shaving   Gonzo   Cream Pies  
Description:   Shaggy Nakadashi and his right hand man Bushy Yamamoto are back and on a mission to clear excessive brush from the pubic forests of pretty Japanese girls. With their hi-tech precision Japanese razor, and the skill and accuracy that only Japanese technicians possess, they skillfully prune 6 pubic pastures, similar to how Mr. Miyagi trimmed his Bonsai trees with Daniel-san. Shaggy and his crew are affectionately known as the Bonsai Bushwhackers!!
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Reviewer: Phraze Date: 3/10/2008
Source: Aebn

Movie Review: Bonsai Bushwhackers

By: the_phfraze

For a Bonsai tree to grow in its miniature, almost suspended animation state, one must know how to prune both the leaves growing from the limbs and the roots underneath the tree. Wow, it’s not every day you get useless knowledge you are probably going to regurgitate at your in-laws’ next Christmas party. Then they’ll look at you like you drank (smoked, sniffed, injected) way too much eggnog and you’ll be the butt of little in-family jokes for years until your generation starts to go senile. But knowing how to prune is a good thing not only for Bonsai plants, which most people know come from Japan, but for Japanese women as well. And when their little pubes start getting too long, they too love to get pruned. And if it’s a pussy that needs prunin’, then Shaggy Nakadashi and Bushy Yamamoto are the on the job. The Japanese Dynamic Duo come to us in Third World Media’s Bonzai Bushwhackers. The two perverts search out to find six Japanese cuties to whom they can give an extremely hot and stimulating experience.

This is where Nakadashi’s and Yamamoto’s pruning techniques come into play. First, they shave the lower half of the pussy to a bald and very attainable state. It’s a little funny because the tool they used to shave these woman’s bearded clams with is the same tool I saw women shave their mustaches and eyebrows with on a late night infomercial at about 3 or 4 A.M in the summer of 2003. Shudder at the thought actually. Next they start to rub one of those vibrating back massagers on the clits of these beautiful and initially shy women. This of course means “jelly legs” for Japanese adult film stars Haruka Mitsuki, Karin Aizawa, and the sexy one known simply as Yu.

After the foreplay, the guys and gals get right to the action, with some nice hardcore sex. All of these East Asian starlets are very sensitive to the slightest touch, letting out light little half moans, and could probably be mistaken for a puppy to the sound. From there, we get absolutely everything- well, if not everything most things. This film touches multiple genres, satisfying a few like stockings, threesome’s, gonzo sex, hot blowjobs, oral, and cream pies as well. One of our girls even takes one oral and four vaginal cream pies in the same sitting. Talk about a trooper! I’ll leave it up to you to find out which scene that’s in.

For those who love the type of porn that sits outside what is considered mainstream here in the states, this movie is a very good one to watch. The Japanese concept of what makes a woman beautiful and sexy is seen in amplified vision with this film. It is a very cool experience to all those who claim to be analytical! Sexy or not, they all have one common denominator, and that is the fact that they love to fuck. Several pussies start to visually leak at various points throughout this ordeal from the constant fucking. There is even a squirter! Third World Media has always been solid, bringing us great pornos such as Chopstick Chowdown, Drip, Drain, Drool, and Teen Tacos.

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